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CHAPTER is an exclusive “write club” to help professional writers fight to write better. Writing intensives are done in intervals––or chapters. Each Chapter has a specific focus for project development. Each writer completes a script by the end of each Chapter. In weekly sessions, we give and receive notes with mutual respect and camaraderie. This club is a safe, creative environment to reconnect writers with why they love to write. We are humble with our talent and helpful with our knowledge. We share our process. We give each other the courage and confidence to go out into the world and fight for our ideas. We want to see one another succeed. 


Of all the writing groups and classes in Los Angeles, why choose Chapter? Other classes are lectures with 10 to 20 students, limited personal attention, and varying degrees of talent, experience, and commitment. Chapter takes an entirely different approach. It’s an interactive workshop, run like a writers’ room, with a small group of like-minded professionals working at a high level of proficiency. We have a laser focus on project development and serve as sounding boards for each writer. We also hone our craft, expand our writer toolkit, and find new ways of working by sharing and receiving writing tips among the group. 


There are eight rules to this Write Club:


1st Rule: You do not tell anyone about projects developed in this write club.

2nd Rule: You DO NOT tell anyone about projects developed in this write club.

3rd Rule: If someone’s notes don’t resonate with you, you don’t have to take them. Period.

4th Rule: If you miss more than two sessions, you’re out until the next Chapter.

5th Rule: One completed script per writer per Chapter.

6th Rule: No narcissism, no negativity.

7th Rule: Chapters go in set intervals.

8th Rule: If you want to be in this write club, you MUST hit tight deadlines.


I run the room and moderate the sessions. A syllabus helps to keep everyone on track. In this labor-intensive program, you will write every day, and you will read the work of other Chapter writers every week. Unless otherwise indicated, writers will come into the first session with a one-sheet synopsis of a concept they would like to develop. If the idea requires extensive research (i.e., period piece) or world creation (i.e., space odyssey), do that work in advance to get the most out of the sessions.


To be considered, please be a writer with professional experience. I hope to see you in a future Chapter!


Happy writing,


2024 Chapters

Stay tuned for big updates coming in 2024!



David Cornue | 917-520-1976 


CHAPTER locations: Burbank, CA​

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